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10th year in the
aviation industry…

Favorite Airports, which is about to complete its 10th year in the aviation industry, is implementing its domestic experience and knowledge at Çukurova Airport, following its overseas investment, Somalia Aden Abdulle Airport.

For the comfort of the passengers at Çukurova Airport, living areas with food and beverage functions are planned on the arrival and departure floors. Citrus trees, which are the symbols of the region, are included in the landscape in the inner gardens on the departure floor.

It is aimed to make the design simple, functional, modern, sustainable and flexible with the colors chosen in accordance with the natural structure of the region.

The World is Yours…

Çukurova Airport attaches importance to environmentally friendly practices, especially energy efficiency.

Heat recovery air conditioning systems in buildings minimize energy loss. Solar energy systems are included in the project in order to benefit from the sunshine duration and solar efficiency of the region. In this way, energy efficiency is not compromised with the use of clean and renewable energy.

T.R. The light rail systems, carried out simultaneously by the Infrastructure Department of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, will provide an easy, fast and safe transportation for the people of the region to arrive and leave the airport.

Çukurova Airport has planned its growth targets in parallel with regional development and development. With the integration of Mersin Port, one of the world’s 100 ports, it will accelerate the export of regional productions.

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Çukurova Airport

8 Million m²
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